Methods of treatment and remedies for menstrual cramps

Methods of treatment and remedies for menstrual cramps

Methods of treatment and remedies for menstrual crampsMenstrual pain is a consequence of the high concentration

The hormone prostaglandin which is part of the menstrual blood. For the relief of painful diseases accompanying menstruation, it is recommended to use home methods for abdominal pain and medication. Causes of menstrual pain on menstrual pain often complain of girls and young women. In addition to the pain that radiate until the failure, there are also other symptoms of menstruation, such as cramps and diarrhea, as well as nausea.

A woman during menstruation may experience headache and have dizziness

The factor that causes abdominal pain is the hypersensitivity of the uterus and the high concentration of the hormone prostaglandin, which is found in menstrual blood. It is responsible for uterine contractions, which a woman feels like pain. The cause of pain during menstruation can be endometriosis. Suspicion of this disease requires medical advice, and the use of special therapy.

These drugs can be used prophylactically

Pain in the menstrual, which is weak, will help fight the pain medication containing paracetamol. Contractions of the uterus soothe antispasmodic drugs. Most often recommended drug for menstrual pain is ibuprofen. This nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug limits the action of the hormone prostaglandin. Taking ibuprofen for menstrual pain, you should follow the rules of its dosing, as its excess can cause side effects such as allergies.

Methods of treatment of menstrual pain

Even before the onset of menstrual pain

For example, before bedtime, so that the pain does not Wake us up at night. Aspirin is not recommended for menstrual pain. A side effect of its use can be profuse bleeding, as this drug dilutes the blood. The contraceptive pill will work with severe menstrual pain. This is the most effective way to treat menstrual pain. Studies show that in 9 out of 10 women, contraceptive pills help to completely eliminate this disease.

Methods of treatment of menstrual pain

Home remedies of menstrual pain

After taking the pills, the pain becomes softer, and the cramps stop. The tablet causes that ovulation will be stopped, that the level of the hormone prostaglandin in a woman’s body falls. In the fight against menstrual pain, in addition to medical treatment, home methods for menstruation should be used. For severe abdominal pain will help warm bath with the addition of essential oil for aromatherapy. Relief from painful diseases will also bring a hot compress on the stomach.

To reduce the pain you should go for a walk or walk quickly

Physical activity stimulates blood circulation in the lower abdomen, which minimizes pain. Menstrual pain affects a large number of menstrual women. They are manifested in the form of pain in the lower back and abdomen, which is often accompanied by obsessive uterine contractions, headaches, nausea and bloating.

Menstrual cramps remedy

The easiest way for menstrual pain is to take

Ibuprofen based painkillers, which in most painfully menstrual women significantly reduce discomfort and allow for normal functioning, especially until the first two days of the period. They block the action of prostaglandin, the hormone responsible for uterine contractions.

Menstrual cramps remedy

The use of ibuprofen effectively helps to fight pain during menstruation

But, it is necessary to remember not to take a dose more than recommended. Appear most often after about 2 3 years from the first menstruation, which is due to the function of anti burn yourself menstrual cycle. The most vulnerable and sensitive women are not young, they often face various kinds of problems and pain.

Aspirin should also be avoided as it only increases blood

Bleeding due to blood depleting properties. Very effective on menstrual pain are drugs such as the popular where the main component is drotaweryny hydrochloride, showing the antispasmodic effect of smooth muscles, including in the area of the genitourinary system. Check also herbal teas chamomile and mint, warm, but not hot compresses on a stomach. as well as regular stretching exercises, or stretching. Thanks to these methods, menstrual pain will no longer be an insurmountable problem.


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