Health problems when not doing proper diet

Health problems when not doing proper diet

Health problems when not doing proper dietThere are weight loss diets that not only make life difficult

But improper diet can also lead to anemia or bone degeneration. At the end of most of them, the yo-yo effect is guaranteed. For those who want to lose weight or keep a slim figure, we will give a rating of the most popular diets. Almost every fifth at least once in my life lost weight, often to no avail. One in three of us is overweight and one in seven is obese. Diet are much more likely to use women, that the third, than men.

However nutritionists have a low opinion of these efforts

Representatives of the fair sex in the fight for a slender cheerleader perform mostly fictitious movements. Among the people who get into the clinic diet is the elite poorly represented in the crowd for weight loss, men are the best patients. Women come to us when they have all become, and they realize that they have made mistakes. Despite this, not very carefully follow our recommendations, – says nutritionist from the clinic diets.

As weight loss on a permanent basis means a lot for health

For example in patients with diabetes increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. In the case of a person weighing to a healthy lifestyle the effect is already optimization. Most often, the transition to a diet mobilizes the desire to improve their appearance and rarely take care of the health consequences of extra pounds. Meanwhile, from conducted on humans, show that the diet always pays off. Even just periodic maintenance of combined with lifestyle changes.

Causes a long-term decrease in blood pressure

Cholesterol and sugar for most weight loss

Instead of listening to the advice of experts, is subject to fashion. Because it is also subject to diet. Oh, it’s easy if wonderful recipes for weight loss are taken quite uncritically. Many supporters eat only apples, grapefruit, cabbage under different forms or drink only leek broth. Others rely on the phases of the moon or believe in self-hypnosis. Some choose a diet that is appropriate to the color of the eyes or personality.

Causes a long-term decrease in blood pressure

Takes away from the creators of more and more wonderful diets

At the same time, individuals who lose weight thus have a higher level of good cholesterol than those applying a low-fat diet in which calories need to be counted. His research shows that people who are overweight or obese, who limit calories, lose weight regardless of the type of diet. The study participants were divided into four groups and applied, usually four different weight loss programs. All menus contain little saturated fat and cholesterol.

Differed in fat protein and carbohydrates

Whether it was a high fat diet or a high protein diet

Participants lost weight at the same rate. Six months later, that averaged body weight before losing weight. During the following months, the rate of weight loss decreased, and some people recovered lost pounds. Most often because they did not follow a diet. Two years later, the participants lost weight on average. The best results were shown by those who did not come out meetings with a nutritionist and psychologist.

Differed in fat protein and carbohydrates

Convinces especially those who do not like not to milk

The study published results that compared the effectiveness of a high-protein carbohydrate-limiting diet, a Mediterranean diet requiring calorie counting, and a fat-free diet in people with obesity after life. the findings were similar to those he presented. Diet effective proved studies conducted on together with the diet it was recognized as the best for men who want to lose excess fat from the body. The effectiveness of these low-carb diets was three times higher than fat-free.


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