Hair care how to care for hair comprehensive guide

Hair care how to care for hair comprehensive guide

Hair care how to care for hair comprehensive guideThe way your hair looks if it is healthy is influenced

Not only by diet and health, but also by good care. How to care for them every day, so they were beautiful and healthy? Learn the basic, universal rules of hair care a term that Americans use when the current condition and appearance of hair leave much to be desired. No wonder shiny, dense, strong and well groomed hair is proud and adorn any woman, and scornfully make us not only look worse, but also feel worse.

The condition of the hair depends on many factors

Hormones, diet, health problems, weather conditions even healthy hair and a normal scalp at some point in life can start fat, become loose, dry, or even fall out. Therefore, as in the case of the skin, is for some time to look at them carefully in the mirror to assess you, by chance, it’s time to replace the bath accessories, help in choosing them, you can ask the hairdresser, by the way, the next visit. But if the change of cosmetics is necessary, the rules of hair care are universal.

For the health and appearance of the hair, they should know and apply every day

There are women who have to wash their hair every day, and those who can do it every few days. In both cases, this is the right procedure because the hair needs to be washed when they require it to look outdated, or the scalp is greasy. For washing, we use shampoo selected for the scalp to match the type of hair. Shampoo should, above all, to clear skin, continue to have the remnants of funds for laying, and in case any problems, for example, dandruff help get rid of him.

Remember that all hair care rules are suitable for most people

Treat tips as a hint not a necessity

Always remember only about your needs and keep an eye on your hair and body. The correct hair washing technique is important. Shampoo we try to wash only the scalp. Just the fingertips are coated with shampoo, lightly massaging. Mistake that harms the hair, this shampoo as much as hair, and, by the way, strikes them, and friction. Wet hair have shaken the scales, which damages the friction. Then the fold is formed, which is then difficult to comb.

Remember that all hair care rules are suitable for most people

To remove dirt from the hair enough foam

Which is formed when washing the skin. We collect it in our hands, and then moves along the entire length of the hair from the roots to the tips. Hair should be washed twice: pre wash relax dirt particles, washing thoroughly clean the skin. Water should be moderately warm, as cold as too hot can irritate the scalp and destroy the hair roots, and stimulate the sebaceous glands. How to choose and apply hair conditioner?

We select the conditioner for your hair type and condition

Improve their condition moisturize recover

But above all, covered with fan shaped scales when washing, so that the hair will reflect the light beautifully. We use it during each wash is applied to wet but not wet hair in the direction from the tips to the roots, gently rubbing. With long hair, it is enough to apply the balm on of the length, because above, the hair is strong. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly. This is very important because makeup residues that remain in hair, deteriorate, and can load the hair and irritate the scalp, causing it to be itchy and psoriasis, starting from the roots.

We select the conditioner for your hair type and condition

Heat harm to hair hot style for most women

Dryer and straightener are essential components of daily care. Applying them, you should, however, follow certain rules and do not overheat the hair, otherwise it will degrade, will be matte and dry. Keep the dryer at least 20 cm from your head and begin drying from the temperature. To dry hair safely and effectively, the hair dryer can not be kept in one place for a long time. Hair is best dried in batches, in turn, starting with those that are on the bottom panel and dry in the direction of growth.


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